Sunday, April 30, 2006

positive youth, we're the youth of today

wednesday april 26th 2006

slurpee mission


stonewall a.k.a. M.J.

i'm gettin pretty sick of this job....


i got to drive the cone truck so i drove around and shot a few photos i've been wantin to shoot

ballin' outta control

thursday april 27th 2006

me 'n jimbler went on a mission

to visit his bros who you might know of...

the drummer

you know how some dudes are like "yeah i got a board, i just use it to get around..". but really they mean "yeah i got a board, but i'm a total kook and it sits in my closet with my seven year old etnies lo-cuts" well... this dude actually hads a board just to get around. He uses it alot more than most "skaters"

hella 'roids down at the music trader...

i think i know this loverly lady!

did i mention drexler was there???

told ya they were bros

drex hooked me up with a new deck with his hype new graphic on it. thanks broness.


friday april 28th

i got three pieces of hype mail this morning!!!! this shit made my day

new blue

jason evaristo!!!

me n james were out shreddin

toe sweat...

saturday arpil 29th 2006
meach's birfday!


meanwhile at the altona mall...

meach took me to hella busted houses, i didnt blog it too much, but photos will come one day...

meach shot this one, amazing.

there were hella closet doors