Friday, April 07, 2006

my mistress she calls

mitch took me and jimbo shopping, respek

no more kilo boxes of cookies

scott thompson, hates the swiss

mitch kicks ass at snacking, an avacado, some salsa and some chips, perfect.

went to the albert hub art show opening at the freehouse. it was a really great show, tons of great stuff. meach also has a bunch of ill stuff on the walls there permanently. stop by and scope some ill art. never mind the yuppie scum...

bill and his lovely lady danika were there with another babe whose name i can't cuite remember.

bills bro made this, then didnt put his name on the card it was defenitely my favorite piece

chantal chartier

don ritson

april 7th 2006

i had a date with a fistfull of blades

if i've been promising you some mail for a while now, it's on it's way

then my mistress she was a callin' and i can never resist her wiley charms

meanwhile at sk8skates...
O.G. Rosie!!!

and kev sent me this insane 8.5 inch by 34 inch long behemoth thanks broness!!!

i really love doing yardwork, so i cleaned up the yard while my laundry dried, all my socks were in there...

lunch according to nick serduletz. epic.

the little i know about cooking i learned, like many young canadians, from james barber, a.k.a. the urban peasant. his show was on right before degrassi junior high, so after school i would always catch the last three minutes of the urban peasant. he only ever seemed to care about two things, no matter what he was making, the last three minutes were dedicated to adding a bit of red and some booze.

an old favorite and a new friend

the freeze and two dads came over and completely anihilated the flatbar before we went downtown.

two dads, two tries, two makes, legit

the freeze, hemopheliac, stylish shredder

after shredding downtown for an hour or two me and the freeze went for some dins at affinity